The 15 Best Alcoholism Health Blogs of 2013


Written by Robin Madell; Winners selected by Tracy Rosecrans

According to the National Institutes of Health(NIH), one in four kids grows up in a home with an adult who drinks too much. Alcoholism is a chronic but treatable condition. Symptoms include cravings, loss of control, physical dependence on, and increased tolerance for alcohol.

A number of talented bloggers bravely tackle the topic of alcoholism online. Click through the slideshow to learn which ones made the list of our best alcoholism blogs of 2013.

Recovery Reflections

Tim Welch, MA, PCC, MAC, is the creator and moderator of a unique blog called Recovery Reflections. Welch opens the blog to the opinions and views of anyone who wants to productively contribute.

Alongside his own reflections, he often shares readers’ alcohol or drug addiction recovery experiences, thoughts, poems, or writings.Recovery Reflections also offers quick hits of soothing information.

Many of the posts are a single line long—just enough to inspire you to change your mindset during a tough time.

The Spirit of Recovery

Ron, a 57-year-old reformed alcoholic, used self-taught principles from Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) to successfully recover. He created The Spirit of Recovery as a source of inspiration and motivation for those suffering from alcoholism.

Ron offers a series of writings on his own experience with the 12 Steps in addition to posts on alcoholism, getting sober, and books and links of interest.

The Discovering Alcoholic
This top-rated recovery blog, The Discovering Alcoholic, covers a wide range of issues from alcoholism and substance abuse to treatment and recovery issues.

The blog was created by Gavin, the original “discovering alcoholic,” who has been sober since 1994 and wants to share his perceptions and road to success with others.

The site offers posts from Gavin and his friend “Screedler,” a fellow recovering alcoholic. The posts reflect the writers’ philosophy that “the road to recovery is not a dead end.”

Life Without Beer Goggles
An anonymous recovering alcoholic started the blog Life Without Beer Goggles in the middle of losing two jobs and a marriage.

Now sober for over seven years, the voice behind Life Without Beer Goggles finds a way to bring humor to a serious subject. He hopes his willingness to share will help inspire others to get sober as well.

With posts titled “Name That Perv!” “Touchy Touchy,” and “Gay Old Time,” you’re in for a different look at the journey of living life sober.

Drinking Diaries
For a woman’s perspective on all things alcohol, read Drinking Diaries. This blog, developed by Caren and Leah, provides a forum for women to “share, vent, express, and discuss” their stories related to drinking.

Whether it’s celebration, revelation, or addiction you’re interested in, you’ll find honest reports from women worldwide. The stories on the site are so compelling, the authors also wrote a book based on them: Drinking Diaries: Women Serve Their Stories Straight Up.

Addiction Inbox: The Science of Substance Abuse
Dirk Hanson’s blog, Addiction Inbox: The Science of Substance Abuse, takes a more practical view of addiction. The site shares the most recent medical and scientific articles, studies, and other research on alcoholism, drugs, and addiction.

If it’s the science of substance abuse that you’re after, look no further than Addiction Inbox, which is available in book form too.

12 Steps Ahead
The user-friendly blog site 12 Steps Ahead presents those in recovery with a safe space to share their experiences and encourage one another. The site’s mission is to provide a “one-stop shop” for recovery-related news, articles, and information.

Guinevere Gets Sober
The award-winning blog Guinevere Gets Sober has something for everyone interested in addiction and recovery. From updates on celebrities’ struggles with addiction, to interviews with thought leaders in the field, to news and reviews on getting and staying sober, you’ll find plenty of food for thought on this site.

Straight-talking blogger Guinevere has been writing about alcoholism and other addictions since 2008, after detoxing from painkillers. As a professional with two degrees and a track record of success, Guinevere’s viewpoint reflects the reality that not all addicts fit the stereotypes.
While the blog offers special content for young people, its posts are appropriate for people of all ages and stages of the recovery process.

The Immortal Alcoholic
While most blogs that deal with alcoholism focus on the addict, The Immortal Alcoholic puts the alcoholic’s loved ones on center stage.

Written by the wife of an end-stage alcoholic, this important blog details the effects that alcoholism has on marriage and relationships.

The blogger illuminates ways to find comedy amidst the frustrations and trials of living with an alcoholic.

Crying Out Now
Crying Out Now is a community of women who aren’t afraid to speak their truth about addiction and recovery, one story at a time.

The site’s four founders—Ellie, Lisa, Michele, and Kate—believe that sharing stories helps unite women in working toward sobriety.

Any woman—whether sober or drinking—can submit a post and contribute by name or anonymously.

Sober College
Sober College integrates the college experience with drug and alcohol rehabilitation. This program empowers students to find their purpose and recover from addiction.

This site includes a read-worthy blog for college students who are struggling with alcoholism and other addictions. Topics range from college and rehab to life skills, and tips for teens and students to stay sober.

I’m Just F.I.N.E. – Recovery in Al-Anon
Blogger Syd is an adult child of an alcoholic who is married to an alcoholic. As such, he has an insider’s view on recovering from the effects of alcoholism through Alcoholics Anonymous.

In I’m Just F.I.N.E. – Recovery in Al-Anon, nothing is off-limits. Syd provides powerful accounts on how alcoholism affects daily life.

He also features one of the longest lists of keywords known to the blogosphere: everything from aloneness and detachment to forgiveness and friendship is covered here.

Good Life
The Good Life blog was conceived by blogger “Heidi Ho,” who believes that the teachings of Alcoholics Anonymous helped save her from self-destruction by alcohol.

A recovered alcoholic who saw her life change from disaster and depression to hope and gratitude, Heidi dedicates her posts in Good Life to topics that steer clear of whining, blaming, making excuses, and being a victim.

Instead, she offers a proactive approach to the recovery process, with full respect for the help she has received along the way.

Sober in October
A clean and simple blog that’s as visually appealing as it is enjoyable to read, Sober in October was written by an anonymous female alcoholic in her 40s who’s taking life one day at a time.

Posts focus on not living in the past and starting over with a clean slate. To emphasize her philosophy of living in today and staying sober, the blogger deleted 33 posts this year.

Sober Julie
With a mantra of “Sober Doesn’t Suck,” Sober Julie takes pride in “doing life straight up.”

After starting the blog as a journal to aid in her own recovery process, she now writes for in hopes of providing inspiration and motivation to those struggling with alcoholism.

Not just a mouthpiece for her experience of addiction, this blog takes an uncommon spin by offering sections on food and drink (mocktails, anyone?), home, life, and faith.

One for the Road
When you’re on the road to recovery, it helps to have good friends along the way.

Whether you or a loved one is struggling with or recovering from alcoholism, you’ll find companionship and solace—along with valuable information and insights—in Healthline’s 15 Best Alcoholism Blogs of 2013.

Whether it’s science or solace you seek, there’s a blog to fit every need. Take some time on your own journey to share the paths blazed by these top bloggers.


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